Work Wise Women was founded by experienced and like minded business women Lindsay Henson and Sarah Brattan.

In 2006 Lindsay and Sarah met for the first time at a business lunch in Grimsby. They instantly found they had much in common and both recognised the need for local networking events for women in business that were fun and business focused. They soon arranged a meeting to discuss how they could start a group together and within a month the first meeting had been arranged.

That event was so successful and feedback received from the attendees confirmed that Work Wise Women was ‘What Women Want’

About Lindsay

Lindsay Henson began her career working as an Inland Revenue Tax Inspector in sunny Torquay back in 1992, and took the somewhat risky decision to turn her back upon the cosy “job for life” and indexed linked pension, and move out of her comfort zone to become the proverbial “gamekeeper turned poacher”.

On the basis that “everyone deserves a defence” and armed with invaluable inside knowledge, she signed up with a leading firm of chartered accountants to offer her services in representing those who fall foul of the Taxman.

She uses her experience from “the other side” to  develop her hands-on approach to keep the taxman’s hands off your money.

As a frustrated actor she has always taken great pleasure in guest lecturing on cruise ships, as well as public speaking, “Talking Tax” is what she does and in the process she met up with Sarah and between them they identified a niche in the market for women in business to join in the talk and gain business. To date it has been a great success.

About Sarah

Sarah started her career with HSBC Bank in 1985 and in that time has gained valuable experience in all areas of financial services, including successfully coaching and developing her team. After her 30 year career landmark in May 2015 she took the brave decision to leave the challenges of the rapidly changing financial marketplace behind, with all its compliance and regulation to pursue her one true passion in helping to promote local businesses.

She is committed through Work Wise Women in providing the opportunity for women in business to connect and share their experiences together.

She cannot stress the importance of building a strong network of business contacts in order to ensure success.

“Women are great at talking they just need the opportunity to meet each other and this is why Work Wise Women was launched.”