Date: Tuesday 29th of May 2018
5.30pm - 8pm
Venue: Walesby Village
Address: Otby Lane, Walesby
Title: Walking Tour and Supper

Walking Tour in Walesby and Supper afterwards 5.30pm – 8pm

This month we’re investing in our wellbeing and celebrating the fabulous Lincolnshire Wolds.

Join us for a “Talk And Walk in the Wolds” evening in Walesby. This is around 30 minutes from Grimsby.
We shall meet at Lindsay’s house on the Viking way and take a guided walk for an hour to the famous ramblers church where you can enjoy the countryside and chat to friends. This will be followed by a buffet supper at Lindsay’s and networking. If wet we will arrange a speaker at the house to entertain you!

Food will centre around a  seafood buffet and those whose  dietary requirements preclude this can let us know and we can arrange a suitable alternative.

Meet at 5.30pm/5.45pm for a prompt 6pm start and we shall close by 8pm

Parking is at the car park at the Village Hall very close by on Otby Lane

WEAR SUITABLE SHOES OR TRAINERS it is not difficult terrain but can be muddy.
Please bring a change of indoor shoes for the house.