Membership 2019/20

Work Wise Women was started by Lindsay Henson and Sarah Brattan in January 2007 with the aim to provide value for money networking opportunities for women in business in Northern Lincolnshire. Our ‘WWW monthly meetings and events are always competitively priced, we believe that our very competitive membership and event prices provide great value for money and we aim to continue to offer the best possible networking prices in the area to ensure fairness for non-business members and your guests.

2019/20 Membership Fees

Annual Membership £50 for individuals and firms having 1-5 female employees (who will be nominated to attend events/meetings) or £75 for firms having more than 5 female employees who wish to attend meetings/events

    • Our club will be for members only who will have their own WWW website profile with direct link to business website
    • Newcomers may attend a trial event before joining, at the same price quoted
    • We may from time to time invite guests/partners/spouses to selected events (without the obligation to join)
    • There will be regular monthly events provided largely on the last Tuesday of every month (subject venue availability)
    • Membership fees will remain at £50 / £75 per year payable promptly by 1st August 2019
    • The events are announced in advance by email and on our website.
    • Events are priced reasonably to cover costs and administration and are always payable in advance of the event.
    • We actively encourage and facilitate the spreading of your news and face to face introductions, and in future this will be only at our live events and not via newsletters or WWW emails as before.

To join please subscribe through Paypal below or email for more information and to receive invoice with direct to bank payment instructions.

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