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Jayne Stevenson

Welcome to [Comfort Zone]- an exclusive space for ones self, a complete product line of beauty treatments and rituals, cosmetics and elements of design to render every moment of one`s life a pleasant interlude of well being.
[Comfort Zone] is a sublime experience for the senses that incorporates a great passion for beauty.
 This is why the lifestyle we believe in involves making each moment of one`s life precious.
 Treasure every moment…Everyday
The Courtyard Beauty Salon Ltd is quietly tucked away from the busy hum-drum of everyday life. In a private and tranquil setting, Jayne claims twenty seven years of experience comprising of years of knowledge gained from training with the leading and elite beauty schools and masters of therapy and physiotherapy. This includes one to one with Monsieur Jacque Courin-Clarins at the Paris Institute Kosmetik Consultants, Diana Carter, Susan Molyneux and Kanebo International. Treatments offered include service needs such as leg waxing and eyelash tinting to holistic massages, stone therapy and top of the range facials. Jayne is now very honoured to be working with [Comfort Zone], a product and range of treatments which in itself offers a complete sense of well being. [Comfort Zone] has recently been awarded Best Spa Product Range at the prestigious beauty awards in Monte Carlo and has also been chosen by the Mandarin Oriental Spas globally. The Courtyard Beauty Salon Ltd use Karaja make up, an Italian range which offers a huge variety of colours and is not tested on animals.

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