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Kate Roberts I am a yarn-aholic, rarely a day goes by without the needles in my hands, if only for a short time. Knitting is a relaxation for me; it also keeps my hands busy. It is a wonderful way to lose weight as you cannot eat and knit at the same time. I am a process knitter, it’s never about the finished garment but about the actual doing – having needles and the yarn in my hand is enough for me (probably the reason I have so many UFOs – unfinished objects – in my basket). I knit because I fall in love with yarns. I love the infinite variety of yarns, especially hand-spun or hand-dyed yarns - the softness of alpaca, merino, llama, plus the fluffiness of mohair and angora. The amazing yarns available now are just intoxicating. It seems almost magical to watch two sticks and a strand of yarn become "something" on the needles! Knitting and crochet are traditional skills that have been handed down through the generations but these crafts are now heading in new directions with endless possibilities. The first time knitting a row of stitches that didn't feel like you had to labour over every stitch; unravelling the math formula for a pattern adjustment; conquering socks or cabling without a cable-needle - they're all milestones that bring a great sense of satisfaction. From knitting or crocheting for a new baby, creating something for your home or as a gift or making items for charity - there is always a new technique or method to learn. A Good Yarn is the perfect place to share your skills socially; our friendly experienced team will teach you everything you need to know about knitting and crochet, from the very basics. We will help you to learn in a relaxed, conducive environment. We also offer bespoke groups for when you require a more personal touch. More than just a a Wool Shop! 53 Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes, DN35 8HD

53 Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes, DN35 8HD

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