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Do you have comprehensive support for a tax investigation? Too many people believe that the tax inspector will not target them, but with more initiatives being developed to increase the amount of money raised from tax investigations to swell the treasury’s coffers, everyone is at risk of a difficult, stressful investigation into their tax affairs.

You should therefore be aware that:-

Compliance checks or tax investigations as they were called are thorough, stressful and obtrusive.

Without professional, experienced support, businesses and their accountants can be exposed to HMRC demands and hefty penalties.

HMRC are launching targeted investigations into specific trades and professions and continue their intelligence gathering into offshore assets and bank accounts.

Lindsay Henson, has extensive experience in supporting both advisors and tax payers to deal with all and any aspects of disputes with H M Revenue and Customs.

Working as an Inland Revenue Inspector herself in 1992, Lindsay took the somewhat risky decision to turn her back upon the cosy job for life and moved out of her comfort zone to become the proverbial game keeper turned poacher on the basis that everyone deserves a defence and armed with invaluable inside knowledge she signed up originally with a national firm of chartered accountants to offer her services in representing those who fell foul of the tax man. Now working for herself she uses her experience from the other side and has developed her own renowned hands-on approach to keep the tax mans hands off your money. Lindsay is approachable and fair and always goes the extra mile for her clients. She also guest lectures on cruise ships as well as speaking to fellow professionals, talking tax is what Lindsay does.

Having worked within HMRC for a number of years, she understands the thinking of HMRC officers and the way in which they undertake their enquiries. Using this expert knowledge, she formulates a strategy to navigate through what to many in business can be part of the most uncomfortable experience of their lives.

Lindsay can assist anyone from sole-traders to larger incorporated businesses as well as acting as advisor to other accountants who may not have her specialist skills. With Lindsay on board, whether you are an accountant or a taxpayer, her hands-on approach will free you up to get on with running your own business while she deals with the tax man.