The economic and social landscape is ever changing and acts as a powerful catalyst for ever-enhancing equality in the business arena.

Specifically, FTSE 100 companies have been set the goal to achieve 25% of female board representation by 2015. Lord Davies, the Government’s advocate of women in the boardroom, is behind the campaign and this is gaining widespread momentum. Of course, one of the most compelling forms of news and information in the modern era is via social media channels – particularly Twitter and Facebook.

It is, therefore, rather apt that the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook is a woman – Sheryl Sandberg. Ms Sandberg became the first woman on the board of the social networking giant in 2012 and in the last fortnight has called for women to take decisive action to ensure commensurate representation for females in the workplace.

At Work Wise Women, we have been taking decisive action for 8 years now and know how much we make a difference to the business community. Ms Sandberg has rightly reasoned that women represent half the workforce and yet wrongly account for only around 1 in 5 board members.

We are here to help change that statistic.

Our holistic aim is to offer strategic business related training and provide a wider forum for women to truly capitalise on their dynamic skills in business. For example, we recently helped one of our members to open new premises for their fabrics business by collaborating with celebrity actress Julie Peasgood, who ‘cut the ribbon’ at a special opening.

Such innovation is synonymous with what we wish to achieve and we will always provide that ‘cutting edge’ to every woman in business. We will promote you, praise you and ultimately, progress you in your life and career.

We love providing a unique forum for our members to develop. As Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop once stated:

‘Whatever you do, be different – I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you’re different, you will stand out’.

We are proud to stand out at Work Wise Women and our formula is quite simple…we work, we are wise and we are women!